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How can SellerX help grow your online business?

How can SellerX help grow your online business?

November 1, 2019

By SellerX Team

People shop online every day. In fact, they spend quite a lot of time purchasing various products from different websites. Thus, online sellers try their best to bring their products in front of the buyers by listing them on as many channels as possible (own e-commerce websites, online marketplaces, social media channels, etc.)

But selling online, especially on marketplaces (like  SnapdealAmazon and   Flipkart) can get exhausting. Each marketplace has its requirements, settings, audiences, listing fees, etc., making it hard for the seller to understand and manage individually. Thus the seller needs to come up with strategies to sell on each of these platforms and possibly increase revenue.

But this can get overwhelming, can’t it?

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was one single platform to list, manage  and edit all products on different websites, and the seller can concentrate on increasing the revenue rather than on focusing on each marketplace’s requirements?

Meet SellerX — a simple management software solution for online sellers.

What is SellerX?

SellerX is a listing management software to help online sellers showcase their products easily on various websites and manage them from one place to mainly grow business and boost revenue. They don’t have to break their heads knowing where and how to sell. Our software will simplify the process of online selling and will save hours for doing even the easiest thing like ‘uploading images’.

Who is SellerX for?

SellerX is developed for all kinds of online sellers. This product is a treasure for sellers looking to launch a new e-commerce business or bringing their offline products online. 

If sellers have been selling on various marketplaces, and are still not been able to maximise their revenue, SellerX is for you! 

SellerX can also be used by enterprise businesses looking to scale their business by adopting a complete vendor management system.

How does SellerX work?

Listing your products through SellerX is very simple. You have to follow these three easy steps:

  1. Create a store or add your existing one on SellerX.
  2. Add/upload your products.
  3. Select marketplaces you want to list your products on AND START SELLING.

Isn’t that simple?

Our focus is to make online selling simple for the end-users, and we plan to make it simpler as and when we keep adding more features to the product.

How can SellerX help your business grow?

Now that you know how SellerX works let’s see how can it help you grow your online business.

  1. Single software to handle everything — SellerX is a complete online vendor management solution right from listing to inventory and shipping management.
  2. Deep understanding of your business — You can get more in-depth analytics and better understanding using our business intelligence tool. The tool helps you know which products you need to concentrate on to scale up your business.
  3. Focus on revenue than on process — Forget giving more time to the process as it automated once the products are listed and turn your focus on increasing revenue.

We are in the beta phase

We are currently in the beta phase and are accepting beta testers to access all premium features of the software. Do sign up and let us know your feedback.

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